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International Conference "P.A. Cherenkov and Modern Physics"
P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow
June 22-25, 2004

     P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS, Section of Physical Sciences of RAS, and Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences organize in June 2004 an international conference devoted to the 100th anniversary of Pavel Alexeevich Cherenkov (born 28.07.1904), academician and Nobel prize laureate.

       Scientific work of Pavel Cherenkov began with a discovery that made a prominent contribution to modern achievements of high-energy physics. That was a discovery and investigation of the Vavilov-Cherenkov effect or, as often said, Cherenkov radiation. Unique properties of this radiation gave possibilities to create various Cherenkov detectors which found very wide applications in experimental studies in physics of particles and nuclei, cosmic ray physics, astrophysics, and other fields.

       Many works of Pavel Cherenkov were related with physics and technique of electron accelerators. P.A. Cherenkov participated in constructing and launching the electron synchrotron S-25 with the maximum energy of 250 MeV, the first one built in the USSR. Classical investigations of nuclear photodisintegration, pion photoproduction, and Compton scattering had been done at this accelerator. Later on, the scientific activity of P.A. Cherenkov shifted to studies of electromagnetic processes at higher energies - at the accelerator S-25R (Troitsk) and U-70 (Protvino). Some of his works concerned studies of cosmic rays, radiation of relativistic charged particles, and other problems. This period of P.A. Cherenkov’s activity was awarded with three USSR State Premiums - in 1946 (the Vavilov-Cherenkov effect), in 1951 (creation and launch of the accelerator S-25), and in 1977 (studies of photonuclear processes).

      The programme of the jubilee conference reflects the whole spectrum of the scientific interests of academician P.A. Cherenkov. It includes talks in the following fields:

  • physics of the Cherenkov radiation;
  • development and creation of Cherenkov detectors;
  • physics of electromagnetic interactions of hadrons and nuclei at medium energies;
  • experiments in high-energy physics (including those which use Cherenkov detectors) at accelerators and with cosmic rays;
  • electron synchrotrons, large-current electron accelerators, radiation of relativistic charged particles (synchrotron and undulator radiation), free-electron lasers.

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