P.A. Cherenkov and Modern Physics
Moscow, June 22-25, 2004

List of Reports (04.02.2004)


1 A.N. Lebedev - “Cherenkov radiation physics in electrodynamics structures

and its applications”


2 B.M.Bolotovskii, A.V.Serov - “Radiation of superluminal sources in vacuum”


3 E.G.Bessonov - “Radiation sources based on electron and ion beams”


4 I.M.Dremin - “Cherenkov photons and gluons in nuclear and photon interactions”


5 .


6 Max Klein - Electron – Nucleon Scattering et HERA. Results and Prospects .


7.Sh. Okuda - High current electron accelerators, radiation from relativistic

electrons, FEL and their applications.


8 V.A.Tsarev - “Cherenkov radiation in radio wave band and the problem of registration

of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays”


9 A.P. Onuchin - "Development of Aerogel Cherenkov Detectors at Novosibirsk"


10 B.B.Govorkov - “Cherencov radiation (Cherencov detectors) in Cherencov



11 G.Domogatskii“Deep-water Cherenkov detectors in Baksan neutrino experiment

(generation of Cherenkov radiation in natural aqueous medium)”


12 .Ch.Spiering - “Antarctica ice as a medium of generation of Cherenkov radiation in

investigations of cosmic rays . Results and perspectives.


13.T. Walcher - Hadron Physics at the Mainz Microtron MAMI


14. S.P.Denisov“Cherenkov detectors: developments and their application in

experiments of IHEP in high energy physics”.


15.S.S.Gershtein - “What can be expected of high energy physics in XXI century”


16. Í. N.C. Kardashev - “Recent progress at astrophysics and cosmophysics”


17. B.M. Bolotovski - Cherenkov radiation physics (theory )”


18 R. Beck - Recent results and future plans with tagged photons at MAMI


19 Ì. Schumacher - Compton scattering by nucleons and nuclei , and our

cooperation with the Theor. Group, of LPI.


20. V.M. Grishin - “Radiation energy loss of relativistic charge in medium “


21. T. Greenshaw - “Radiation in QCD (Results from HERA”)


21. T. Greenshaw - “Radiation in QCD (Results from HERA”)