P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences

International Conference
P.A. Cherenkov and Modern Physics

Moscow, June 22 - 25, 2004


Proceedings of the Conference will contain all presented talks. They will be published in the
Journal of Radiation Physics and Chemistry (Elsevier Science Publishing Company) and then distributed among participants of the Conference and regular subscribers.

We kindly ask all speakers to submit texts of their presentations by    October 1, 2004    to one of the working Conference addresses:
che2004@venus.lpi.troitsk.ru    or    che2004@x4u.lebedev.ru

Alotted space is 6 journal pages for 40-min talks, 5 pages for 30-min talks, and 4 pages for 20-min talks.

General instructions for preparing manuscripts can be found at the Journal web-page
For your convenience, extracts from those intructions are given here:
Guide for Authors.pdf
Guide to Online Submission.pdf

LaTeX format of presentations is strongly preferrable. Though, some other formats like Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF are also permitted. Note that a single pdf file is only enough for previewing but eventually an editable source file will also be required.

Please read LaTeX file guidelines for general instructions on LaTeX-file preparation. More details are given here: instraut.pdf.
For your convenience a template latex file is given as an example. It uses a sample ps-figure.
You will need two LaTeX style files: elsart3.cls    and    elsart.cls.

All papers will be subject to a referring procedure standard for the Journal. This work will be organized by Editors of the Proceedings, namely by

Professor John H. Hubbell (NIST)
Professor Andrey N. Lebedev (LPI)
Professor Eugeny I. Tamm (LPI)
Professor Vladimir A. Tsarev (LPI)