P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences

International Conference
P.A. Cherenkov and Modern Physics

Moscow, June 22 - 25, 2004

Travel information

Although all foreign participants are expected to be met in airport and transported to the Hotel by agents of the Organizing Committee (look for a person carrying the banner "CHE2004"), please keep for emergency the following information.

Moscow and the airports of Sheremetevo and Domodedovo are connected by buses and shuttle-taxi (recommended) which will bring you to a metro station in 30-40 minutes. The cost is about 1 US$ (paid in rubles). Individual taxi is also available though expensive (might be 50 US$ or so).

There are no severe restrictions as for bringing currency in cash into/from Russia. Sums in cash below 3000 US$ or equivalent are totally eligible and need not to be declare at customs when you enter or leave Russia (go to Green Line). Sums in cash between 3000 and 10000 US$ are also allowed for free but they must be declared at customs when you leave Russia (go to Red Line). Sums in cash bigger than 10000 US$ needs a permit/justification (like a bank receipt) when carried from Russia. Credit cards and travel checks are not restricted at all.
You can use credit cards in many places in Moscow, though cash is more common and flexible. Currency can be changed in airport as well as in plenty places in the city. Most small shops on streets change US$ and euro only (banknotes, no coins). In the airport and banks one can change many other currencies (pound, yena, crown, etc). Also, many cash (teller) mashines in big stores, banks, post-offices operate with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.).
Official exchange rate as of today is approximately 1 US$ = 29 rubles; 1 euro = 35 rubles. On streets it may vary within 2-3%.

The Hotel "Uzkoe" lies within a walking distance (10-15 minutes) from the metro station "Yasenevo" (South of Moscow, exit from the last vagon when travelling from the Center). You can take taxi or bus near the metro.


Conference sessions in Moscow will be held in the conference hall of LPI (main building). Address: Leninsky prospect, 53. This place can be reached by a 15-20 min walk from the metro Academicheskaya (see a map), or by tram from the metro Leninsky prospect (along the Vavilov street, the stop Ulitsa Gubkina), or by trolley (the best option) from the metro Leninsky prospect (along the street Leninsky prospect).
Ticket can be bought inside tram/trolley/bus (15 rubles from a driver) or at metro stations and at some stops (by 10 rubles). Ticket for metro costs 10 rubles, or cheaper when purchased in a pack.

There will be buses between the Hotel "Uzkoe" and the Conference place.


Contact telephones in case of troubles:
334-0246 (Troitsk)
135-8739 (Moscow)
8-916-541-0137 (mobil, Vladimir Alexeev)
8-903-144-1316 (mobil, Vladimir Baskov)
8-901-756-7994 (mobil, Victor Khablo)
8-916-572-9811 (mobil, Anatoly Lvov)

Weather in Moscow is not cold now but somewhat rainy. Weather forcast for the nearest week is favorable but rains are possible. Temperature is about +15 C in the morning and +22 - +24 C during the day. So, having an umbrella is a good idea.