Organizing Committee kindly asks every participant who needs a visa for attending the Conference to send us the following information which will be transferred to Foreign Ministry of Russia for issuing an official personal invitation:

1. your Family name;
    your First name;
    other name(s) if applicable
         [all in the Latin, like in your passport]

2. Sex [male/female]

3. Date of birth [];
    State of birth;
    Place of birth [exact]

4. State (citizenship) [if more than one - please indicate all]

5. State of permanent residence;
    Region of permanent residence [land, city, etc.]

6. State and City
        where a consulate of Russia is located which you intend to apply for visa to

7. Organization (firm) where you work [full official name];
    Full address of that organization (firm) [zip code, country, city, street, building, office, etc.];
    Your position in that organization (firm);
    Telephone in that organization;

8. Passport number [including series if applicable];
    Date of issue [];
    Expiration date []

9. Children below 16 years which accompany you and are indicated in your passport [if applicable]:
    For every of them please give:
        Family name;
        First name;
        Other name(s) [if applicable];
        Date of birth [];
        Citizenship [if more than one - please indicate all]

10. Planned dates of entry to and departure from Russia;
      Single or Multiple entry

11. Places (cities, regions) in Russia you intend to visit [up to 5 places]

12. IMPORTANT! Please supply us with a photocopy of your passport page(s) confirming the submitted information
     [in most cases a copy of the 1st page is sufficient].

This information may be sent via e-mail (preferably) with a scan of a passport page(s) attached. Alternatively, fax may be used.

If you have adult person(s) [spouse] accompanying you, you should provide the same information for her/his visa as well. However, in this case no info concerning #7 (organization of work, etc.) is required.

Please send us the requested information as soon as possible. After issuing the official invitation, it will be immediately mailed to you.