10:00 Opening.
10:10 Zaitsev A.M. (IHEP, NRC "Kurchatov Institute").
"Status and prospects of the experiment ATLAS"
10:35 Polukhina N.G., Schedrina T.V. (LPI).
"Experiment SHiP: Search for a new physics in neutrino sector"
11:00 Gromov M.B., Chepurnov A.S. (SINP MSU).
"Detection of neutrinos of energies 1 to 50 MeV using the detector BOREXINO"
11:25     Coffee
11:45 Yushchenko O.P. (IHEP, NRC "Kurchatov Institute").
"Studies of charged kaon decays at the OKA setup"
12:10 Varlamov V.V. (SINP MSU).
"Status and reliability of results of photonuclear experiments"
12:35 Kuznetsov A.A., Belyshev S.S., Ishkhanov B.S. (SINP MSU).
"Experimental studies of photonuclear reactions"
13:00 Merkin M.M. (SINP MSU).
"25 years of developing semiconducting detectors in Russia"
13:25     Coffee, Lunch
14:05 Denisov S.P. (IHEP, NRC "Kurchatov Institute").
"Characteristics of electromagnetic showers at the cascade curve maximum and properties of "maximum shower" detectors"
14:30 Kozhin A.S. (IHEP, NRC "Kurchatov Institute").
"Lavsan tracking drift-tube detectors"
14:55 Vorobyev V.S., Zadeba E.A. (NRNU MEPhI)
"Using drift chambers for studying groups of cosmic ray muons"
15:20     Coffee
15:40 Zaitsev A.A., Zarubin P.I. (JINR, LPI)
"Hoyle states in dissociation of relativistic nuclei 12С"
16:05 Artemenkov D.A. (JINR).
"Interactions of ultrarelativistic muons in nuclear emulsion"
16:30 Dzhilavyan L.Z. (INR RAS).
"Production of short-lived radioisotops for nuclear medicine at electron accelerators"
16:55 Karev A.I. (LPI).
"Photonuclear technology of detecting hidden exposives"
17:20 Closing
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XI Cherenkov Readings: New Methods in Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics.