Cherenkov Readings are thought as regular scientific conferences devoted to actual problems of modern physics that are related to activity of Pavel Alexeevich Cherenkov, academician and the Nobel Prize laureate who made a prominent contribution to a development of science and experimental methods. Such Readings provide a forum for presentation of new ideas and results and simultaneously propagand achievements of the native science. An important aim of the Readings is bringing new young people to the science. So, teachers, students and aspirants from leading universities are welcome to participate.

The first Cherenkov Readings in such a format has successfully been conducted in 2008 in LPI, that is in the institute where Cherenkov radiation was discovered and explained in 1934-1937. Among subjects of that Reading were selected topics in physical optics, Roentgen and soft-gamma radiation, physics of nuclear-nuclear collisions. The Second Cherenkov Readings organized next year has mainly been devoted to new experimental methods in nuclear and particle physics. The main topics of interest were detectors and installations, both acting and under construction, for experiments at the biggest accelerators and for studying cosmic rays, including various Cherenkov detectors. Such themes of the Readings have been found well demanded, and it was decided to keep them in the nearest future.

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VII Cherenkov Readings: New Methods in Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics.